Ivanka,Katie,Duchess and Olga
Ivanka,Katie,Duchess and Olga
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Rosswell Bulldogs
Hello and thanks for stopping by RosswellBulldogs.com. My name is Katie and my love for animals has been lifelong. In fact, I pursued a career that allowed me to work with animals every day, providing care and compassion to a wide variety of furry, four-legged friends.
In 2004, my aunt gave me Olga, my first bulldog, and my passion for this spectacular breed was ignited, and it’s been burning strong since.
Determined to make the most of my relationship with Olga, and to ensure she remained happy and achieved her full potential, we enrolled in puppy training classes. We thoroughly enjoyed the process. We learned and grew. My beautiful bulldog and I thrived.
Olga went on to earn the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen award and to become certified as a Therapy Dog. through Therapy Dogs International.
Because Olga was also a very athletic bulldog, we did some agility work together, about that time we also learned that Olga could swim. Better yet, my sweet bulldog pup could hang with the water dogs (with her life vest on, of course). She also enjoyed playing fetch, and nearly any other outdoor activity. 
In 2009 another beautiful bulldog joined our family, thanks again to my aunt. Affectionately named Pearl, this bulldog beauty remains part of Rosswell Bulldogs today. 
This brings me to our name, Rosswell Bulldogs. Given Rosswell isn’t my name, I’m often asked where it comes from. 
Rosswell was chosen in honor of my aunt’s son, E. Rosswell Johnson, who tragically lost his life to a drunk driver. Honoring him was a must, as was honoring my aunt, who saw in me a passion for bulldogs and helped fulfill my dream of strengthening and bettering this magnificent breed. 
Bulldogs truly are one-of-a-kind. A look into their eyes and you’ll see, their eyes are full of love and an uncommon depth. Many describe bulldogs as “human like.” I certainly can’t argue that. Bulldogs are my family, my friends, my career, and a large part of my every day life. Thanks to bulldogs, I couldn’t be happier because within them, I found my calling, my passion, my love.
Undoubtedly, you’re here because you, too, love bulldogs. Perhaps you’re looking for more information on bulldogs, for bulldog resources you can count on, or for a happy, healthy bulldog puppy to call your own. Whatever your reason may be, I welcome you, and am glad you’re here. 
So where is Rosswell Bulldogs located? We’re proud to call the sunny east coast our home. We’re between Charleston S.C. and Myrtle Beach S.C., but our bulldog pups (and now adults) live in homes across the US.
Rosswell's Angus Beefcake
Rosswell's Angus Beefcake "Angus"